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Illite shower 4 piece set  (small)

Illite shower 4 piece set (small)

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Effectiveness of Illite Ultratino Plate Hand Shower Head:

1. Illite absorbs and removes many kinds of heavy metals.

2. Illite generates Far Infrared rays, even in room temperature environments.

3. Illite generates an abundance of anions.

4. Illite has been proven to have positive effects for skin allergies, mainly due to its antiviral


5. Illite is used in high quality cosmetics because of its proven effectiveness.

6. The Illite Ultratino Plate helps save substantial amounts of water, using only 1.5 gallons per

minute, due to using high water pressure through the patented ultrafine spray plate.

Illite shower set with Ball Valve Tub Spout Set includes 1x Illite Shower head (small head) 1x Tub Ball valve Spout 1x Smart Shower Hose 1x Shower head holder