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Cook Cell  Hybrid Stainless/Nonstick Cookware Wok 12 -Inch (30cm)

Cook Cell Hybrid Stainless/Nonstick Cookware Wok 12 -Inch (30cm)

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  • Stainless pan is healthy but has weak nonstick function.
    Aluminum pan is easy to cook but has short product life.
    We can help you - Cookcell
    Cookcell combines advantages of stainless and aluminum pan  to provide safe and easy cooking life.
    We consider both convenience and safety and combine these special features,
    so we make convex stainless dots and fill nonstick coating into the concave area, to uphold food for good and healthy nonstick function.
    We use special technology to inlay the cube patterned dots inside the stainless steel frying pan. 
    The dots have convex and concave on the surface.
    The combination of the two materials  (stainless + nonstick coating) solves the sticky problem of the ordinary stainless steel frying pans and can extend the product life of nonstick pans.
    - CUBE(Hexagonal) pattern
    - Combination of stainless and nonstick coating
    - Countless dots help prevent from coating peeled
    - Energy save and easy clean fry pan
    - Long life nonstick coating function than ordinary products
    - Convex and concave dot system with PFOA free non stick coating